DIMENSIONS (cm): Length: 180
Depth: 105
Height: 74
MATERIALS: Italian Walnut


This piece is striking on account of the use of refined and skilful sculptural techniques, particularly in creating the elegant, sinuous ivy branches, attached to the surface of the table by invisible aerial roots. This not only demonstrates the artists' noticeable predilection for floral and plant decoration and for essential beauty achieved without sacrificing engineering and design elements, it also showcases a fluid and coherent sense of originality inspired by the sense of beauty inherent in their spirits.

This is particularly apparent in the victory of nature over the barriers placed on it by man, symbolised here by the glass, by way of which the ivy seems to reach the beautiful overlaid surface in an almost uninterrupted fashion. And the authors hope that the surface of the table will not be "diminished" by placing tablecloths over it when in use, and will remain available, like the food, to be admired as art.