DIMENSIONS (cm): Length: 230
Depth: 111
Height: 112
MATERIALS: Avellino Walnut
STYLE: Religious Art
DESIGN: Vittorio Passaro


The structure surrounds the altar and, unusually, does not feature precious materials and/or decoration. It is created using hessian to symbolize the miracle of the sack. A cross section of the side of the structure shows a pattern in the shape of a cross, resulting from the interplay of two surfaces positioned side by side, with a pillar protruding at a right angle on each side. The structure is also particularly unusual because a cross section of the surface reveals a waffle design on the shorter sides, contributing to rendering the structural piece intricately decorative.

The decision to employ this type of construction method was inspired in part by the need to make the piece lighter and more pliant in order to prevent potential natural deformations of the wood. The centre of the "poor" hessian altar features a shield bearing the fleur-de-lys motif of the French Monarchy.