Design - "Lia" Door

DIMENSIONS (cm): Length: 220
Depth: 100
Height: 74
MATERIALS: Maple, Sessile Oak
STYLE: Design


The door, consisting of a single panel, does not adhere to traditional styles according to which the base and the beams surround the panels; here verticality reigns supreme: both sides features convex-shaped pillars, decorated on one side by a very subtle protrusion, while on the other they disappear beneath the frame with which they appear to be at one. The "tracks" on the panel also run vertically, and are decorated by two flanked strips: one features a sequence of tiles with cross shapes engraved on them, and the other a sequence of tiles in concave pyramid panels.

Only the beams in the central part protrude, and they do so almost timidly so as not to compromise the effect of verticality that is so integral to the piece. The inclusion of geometric motifs enhances the piece and provides a modern tone which is not, however, excessive. The contrast evident between the door which retains the natural colour of the sessile oak, and the jambs in opaque black, highlights the compositional elements.