Period Style Pieces > Ente Capone Door

DIMENSIONS (cm): Length: 242
Height: 145
MATERIALS: Italian Walnut
STYLE: Renaissance


This Italian walnut door with two door knockers was created for the entranceway to the main floor of the palace belonging to the rich aristocratic Capone family, whose members included Giulio (XVII/XVII century) a lawyer and university professor, Luca, a surgeon who participated as a medical officer in Garibaldi's campaigns (1866), Filippo, a senator of the Kingdom, Scipione, a colonel of the national guard and a man of culture and his son Giulio, a youth of vast education and great acumen and an asset to Avellino culture and to academia, who left this earth far too soon. Today the palace, together with the rest of the family's estate, is managed by a dedicated commission.

As is clear from the images, the piece was created using Italian walnut and is produced in an impeccable Renaissance style. Its eight panels are exquisite: each features a simple frame and a perfect balance of floral, plant, fauna, anthropomorphic and vessel motifs. This work is also noteworthy because the authors produced other works inspired by the Renaissance; a close examination of the entire range of pieces however reveals that, although they incorporate motifs and approaches characteristic of contemporary art, they seem to capture man's desire to be commensurate with the space, to dominate and enjoy it. This feature is peculiar to the art of that golden age, but can be of significant value to contemporary art too.