Pezzi Unici > Madia

DIMENSIONS (cm): Length: 198
Depth: 59
Height: 91
MATERIALS: Sessile Oak


Created using sessile oak, the piece is defined by its clean, almost austere lines despite the influence of Art Nouveau (or Arte Floreale as it was referred to in Italy) with its distinctive predilection for organic forms, ornamentation and decoration with a focus on flower and plant motifs and curved lines, visible here in the four panels. The stylistic features are not reproduced slavishly, however, because this piece is not in any way, and does not seek to be, a mere reproduction of something else.

The stylistic features are instead tempered by a personal naturalism, and the resulting piece is a unique work of art. The floral motifs almost appear not to be carved into the wood, rather the latter seems like a vehicle for the natural expression of the "soul of the material", if you will, that allows the former to seek space to experience, and express, freedom.