DIMENSIONS (cm): Length: 93
Depth: 36,5
Height: 102
MATERIALS: Italian Walnut


A piece produced in Italian walnut. This piece is designed as a trestle table with a glass panel on top and a rose branch carved on the lower surface. The glass is bias cut, so that it does not protrude, and serves as a surface.

"It is designed as a chest - Daniele explains -, and as such it safeguards something precious and beautiful, symbolised here by the beautiful branch of roses in bloom". Another convenient glass surface is positioned under the table, supported at the front by two supports on the legs, and inserted into the veneered panel at the rear.

Each leg is formed by two sides that surround a base structure featuring horizontal veining that interacts with the sides of the "chest" that feature vertical veining. The piece, which is aesthetically elegant and sleek, is also surprisingly light from a structural perspective, a feature to which, as always, the artists have devoted significant attention.